RC Aeroplanes

Who hasn't been fascinated by things that fly? At my first year in college / high school, a friend was into his RC aeroplanes. He is responsible for getting me into model aeroplanes. This was back in 2004, and since then unfortunately it hasn't been an active hobby of mine. It has only been recently that I've decided to get back into it.

I learnt how to fly RC at the Kapiti Aeromodellers Club on a '40 size' trainer plane. While learning to fly, I embarked on a fairly ambitious project - scratch building a Sukhoi Su-26. It became a nuisance having to travel some 20km to fly at the club's airstrip. Eventually I got into smaller planes which can be flown safely and legally in parks and reserves. My parkfly aeroplanes starting off with '10 size' models powered by glow engines, and have since moved to ones powered by electronic motors.

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