In brief

Some random useful tips that I've come across:

  • Super glue and baking soda creates a hard filler that is convient to fix gaps in a hurry.
  • Polycarbonate bends cold! Some of you probably know this already though, but thought it was quite amazing when I was told that and was able to get a 5mm sheet of polycarbonate to bend 90 degrees cold using a sheet metal bender!
  • Old industrial laser jet printers contain heaps of useful parts for your next robotics projects, including an assortment of small gears. Some computer disposal places might have them, and if you talk nicely to the staff, they might let you rummage through their skips!
  • You might be able to bring a dead PC peripheral back to life! Case in point: a mate donated me a faulty graphics card (ASUS 9800GT), presumably for which I would use for random parts. Before taking parts off it, I first tried re-flashing its bios, but the problems still remained. After trolling through the internet, I had read of reports where others had fixed their faulty cards by baking them in the oven. I tried this, and in worked! But a few months later, it died again.
  • Use apt-file to track down dependencies in Debian based operating systems (i.e., Ubuntu).
  • Using Make, build code faster by typing 'make -jXX', where XX is the number of cores your CPU has.

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