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Posted by Robert Tang on 19 October 2012 | 138 Comments

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The other day I was making a LED flashing circuit. It was simple enough to only use discrete parts, atypical from my other (microprocessor-controlled) projects. After a good rummage through my bin of electronic components I came up short of an NPN transistor. Blast! I headed down to my local Dick Smith Electronics (DSE) store – but to my dismay – they have stopped selling electronic components! Arrrhhhh!

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The demise of A123 Systems

Posted by Robert Tang on 18 October 2012 | 1289 Comments

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A recent article on IEEE Spectrum published that A123 Systems, the group who develops and manufactures the lithium iron phosphate battery, has gone bunk. I did some further reading and it appears that there is quite a political debacle on this as A123 received a lot of (USA) tax-payer money to keep the green-energy initiative company afloat. But I would like to talk about the battery technology they developed instead. 

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Updated example projects

Posted by Robert Tang on 8 September 2012 | 161 Comments

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I've added an example project in my embedded how-tos page. This example might be of interest to people who are planning on using the MPU-6050 inertial sensor from Invensense. The example uses the DMP, or digital motion processor, which fuses the raw accelerometer and gyro readings into stable attitude estimates on the device itself. For the DMP initialisation, I had a look at Jeff Rowberg's driver. His driver was developed in C++, which is partly my motivation to make my own driver (in C) to run on the many embedded platforms I use. The example project uses an Arduino Uno and plain old C. Check it out!

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Hello world!

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Testing 123...

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